Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take my CDL Skills Test with Western CDL?

No, unfortunately we are no longer able to test. We only train now. However, we can give you recommendations on where to test. Please call, text or email us for more info.

Is Western CDL an "accredited" WA CDL school?

No, we are not certified to do full training for Washington residents. If you have already gone to school and are having problems passing your skills test, we can give you a private session focusing on the area(s) you are needing help with. If you work for a company who is certified with the state to submit your training hours we can help get you trained and ready to pass your test. Contact us for more info.

Do we train Oregon residents?

YES!! Oregon does not have all the strict requirements that Washington does, which makes the training process quick and easy. Call us to schedule your training today!

How do our "classes" work?

Since we are not a traditional school, we do not have set class times. Training is based on each individual's needs and we do our best to work around your schedule. Each person's needs are different, so we break our training down into 3 hour sessions. How many sessions you will need depends on you. Some people may only need one session to prep for their test day, others may need a few more sessions. We will make sure you are ready for your skills test.

How much does training cost?

We charge $500 per 3 hour session. This includes the use of our 6 speed (shifts like a regular truck) Class A Semi-truck with a 28' trailer. This will insure that you have no restrictions on your license. The testers we recommend also have trucks to rent exactly like ours, so when you go take your test you will know how to drive the truck you will test in. The number of training sessions needed is determined on each individual's needs. Call to schedule a session!

Can I watch the pre-trip videos?

Yes! We charge $15 for one month of access to our videos and study guide. We keep our videos as up to date as possible. Yes, you can find free videos on youtube, but they are not current and usually not even for our state (and, yes, every state has different testing requirements). Note: the study guide is NOT printable. If you pay to do a training session with us we will give you a printed copy.