Pre-Trip Inspection

In order to obtain your CDL you must successfully pass all 3 parts of the Skills & Road Test: Pre-Trip Inspection, Basic Controls Test (Backing) and a Road Test.

The Pre-trip Inspection is the first test that will be conducted. You must be able to show that the vehicle you are testing in is safe to drive. You will not be able to take any other parts of the Skills Test until you successfully pass the Pre-trip Inspection.

During the Pre-trip Inspection, you must explain the items you are inspecting and what type of defects you are looking for while pointing to and/or touching each item as you are inspecting it. This part of the test can be the most challenging because there is so much to memorize.

It is important to note that failure to properly demonstrate the "Air Supply Systems Check" portion of the Pre-trip Inspection will result in an automatic disqualification and the test will be over.

A very common mistake we see on test day is during the "Air Leak Check". While holding down the service brake for a full minute, it is your responsibility to keep track of the time using a stop watch or timer of your own. The tester will not let you know when the full minute has passed. Counting out 60 seconds in your head is not recommended. It almost ALWAYS results in an automatic failure. If at any time during the Air Supply Systems Check you feel you have made a mistake, you may request to start over.

Watch our Pre-Trip Inspection that we have provided on our website. This will help you be ready and successful on the day you test.

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