Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT)
Theory Instruction

There are no required minimum instruction hours for theory training, but all topics, set by the FMCSA, must be covered by a registered training provider and students must earn a minimum score of 80 percent on the theory assessments. 

Our courses can be completed online, on any device, at your own pace.

ELDT Theory Curriculum Topics

FMCSA Required Topics 

Basic Operation

1.1.1 Orientation

1.1.2 Control Systems/Dashboard

1.1.3 Pre- and Post-Trip Inspections

1.1.4 Basic Control

1.1.5 Shifting/Operating Transmissions

1.1.6 Backing and Docking

1.1.7 Coupling and Uncoupling

Safe Operating Procedures

1.2.1 Visual Search

1.2.2 Communication

1.2.3 Distracted Driving

1.2.4 Speed Management

1.2.5 Space Management

1.2.6 Night Operation

1.2.7 Extreme Driving Conditions

Advanced Operating Practices

1.3.1 Hazard Perception

1.3.2 Skid Control/Recovery, Jackknifing, and Other Emergencies

1.3.3 Railroad-Highway Grade Crossings


Vehicle Systems and Reporting Malfunctions 1.4.1 Identification and Diagnosis of Malfunctions 1.4.2 Roadside Inspections

1.4.3 Maintenance

Non-Driving Activities

1.5.1 Handling and Documenting Cargo

1.5.2 Environmental Compliance Issues

1.5.3 Hours of Service Requirements

1.5.4 Fatigue and Wellness Awareness

1.5.5 Post-Crash Procedures

1.5.6 External Communications

1.5.7 Whistleblower/Coercion

1.5.8 Trip Planning

1.5.9 Drugs/Alcohol

1.5.10 Medical Requirements